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January 1, 1978 – August 14, 1997

California Class Action Claims (CCAC) is a third party company, is not affiliated with Monier Inc. or Epic Class Action & Claims Solutions, Inc. and is not a government agency.


California Class Action Claims (“CCAC”) was formed to identify and assist Class Members in filing claims to recover compensation from established defective roofing class action cases, including the MONIER  ROOFING MATERIALS CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT

What is the Lawsuit about?

The lawsuit was brought because the roof tile manufacturer failed to disclose that the color and exterior surface of its slurry-coated roofing tiles would not remain on the tiles for the warranty life of the product. If you qualify as a class member, you will be entitled to receive significant compensation from the funds established for this case. 

Each claim is estimated to be APPROXIMATELY $3,700.00

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